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High-tech products is a good partner - Cooling Fan Manufacturer

Time:2014-11-5 Click:414Times

1, "Cooling Fan Manufacturer" Blade: is injection molding, using the PBT + 30% Glass Line + VO grade flame retardant made??;
2. Bearing: low noise imported oil bearing;
3. Insulation: enameled class B insulation, temperature 120 degrees Celsius;
4. Wiring: Leaded (line length 25CM).
5, "Cooling Fan Manufacturer" Insulation resistance: 500 megohms or more;
6, withstand voltage: leakage current 0.5mA. Withstand voltage 1500V / 1 min;
7, operating voltage: 110V (voltage range: 85V ~ 125V)
8, the operating voltage: 220V (voltage range: 185V ~ 245V);
9, the fan rotation: counterclockwise as viewed from the direction of the blades;
10. The use of ambient temperature (℃): - 10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ S: oil bearing)
11, "Cooling Fan Manufacturer" life: working environment temperature 40 ℃ S: oil bearing) 30000 (h) Life is short, easy to work long hours of continuous 24 hours.


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Address:LiShi Industrial Zone, QiaoLi Village, ChangPing Town,DongGuan City, GuangDong 523586, China

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