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What are the advantages to make 24V DC Cooling Fan swept the world

Time:2014-10-21 Click:465Times

     The arrival of summer, ventilation and cooling "24V DC Cooling Fan" is a must be small, however, according to understand that the suction fan rage in the Chinese market, the market continues to hot, this is why? This is because the suction fan with other fans do not have the advantage, mainly in, running very smooth, air volume, high efficiency, low noise, long life, you put a high price.
     Secondly "24V DC Cooling Fan" fairly broad scope of application, and you can use the different requirements of occasions and air flow, pressure and suction fan noise according to the corresponding production of explosion-proof ventilation equipment for flammable, explosive and corrosive forced exhaust gases occasions.
    "24V DC Cooling Fan" Design CAD software is made, in order to meet the needs of different use conditions, by changing the speed, angle, and the leaf-type method, the expansion of the range of performance parameters of the system to achieve the area with the fan, during operation to achieve the energy-saving and noise reduction.
     Overall: It is understood suction fan is the most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly ventilation equipment and, according to a forecast in the near future professionals suction fan will likely replace air conditioner market position, and sales will continue to rise.


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Address:LiShi Industrial Zone, QiaoLi Village, ChangPing Town,DongGuan City, GuangDong 523586, China

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